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David McKechnie, President of DAVTEC Marine, possesses over 38 years experience working in the Canadian Maritime industry commencing with going to sea on board oil tankers. After coming ashore to work in a Montreal shipyard he later joined a prominent marine products supply and service company in 1974. David held several management positions during his 16 years service culminating as Vice President of the company. 


The company specialized in providing equipment and services to Canadian shipyards, ship owners, government agencies, oil companies and port and harbour operators. During these years the company provided equipment to many major marine projects in shipbuilding, port and harbour construction and offshore oil projects. With an early introduction to oil spill response technology, he was instrumental in the development and manufacture of oil spill containment systems. This provided the opportunity to be involved in providing oil spill containment and recovery equipment for several large oil spills and participate in the development of oil spill response co-operatives and contractors after the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in 1989.


With a well established background in owning and operating a successful manufacturing and marine products supply business since 1990, David has relied on this knowledge and experience in establishing a Marine and Environmental Technology Products company, DAVTEC Marine Inc. 


David sums up his goals for DAVTEC Marine Inc. in the following statements:


"Our goal is to provide the best quality and reliable equipment, at competitive prices with on time deliveries". 


"We know the value of working closely with our clients, suppliers, freight forwarders, and customs brokers to ensure our products are supplied as specified and to provide seamless and on time deliveries".


"We know that after sales customer support is vital to establishing long term business relationships".


"We know the importance of establishing trusting relationships with all the companies that we work with and it is of paramount importance to us that we do not fail anyone in any of these regards".


"We look forward to the pleasure of continuing to work with our many valued customers and suppliers and of establishing new business relationships in order to serve the entire maritime industry."


John Dicks, Vice President of DAVTEC Marine, brings to his position over 28 years' experience in the sales and service side of business. After graduating from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, John decided the business world was more exciting and formed a roofing contracting company that came to be one of the largest in the province of Newfoundland employing over 100 people. As the President, John was responsible for negotiating large project contracts, running the Sears installation department overseeing worker quality and after sales support among other responsibilities. He resigned his position after 8 years and decided to operate a franchise business that specialized in the on-site repair and restoration of furniture with a focus on the commercial sector which operated for 6 years. From these two experiences, the biggest lesson learned was to "do it right the first time!"

In 1996 John took a regional management position with an expanding environmental and marine supply company that was headed by David McKechnie. From his previous experiences in servicing the public, John was instrumental in developing many large marine projects with the Hibernia Project, The Terra Nova Project, The White Rose project, Canadian Coast Guard and many others in regard to heavy offshore oil spill containment and recovery equipment and existing equipment upgrades and support. He has also supplied many large marine projects in the port and harbour sector including the Port of Charlottetown, Irving Oil, North Atlantic Refining and Marine Atlantic with various dock upgrades to enhance the safety and protection of berthing ships and structures. John takes great pride in providing timely information to design engineers, supplier loyalty, and on time deliveries for all his clients. What is most paramount is the support that he offers after the deliveries are made. 

In 2010, John went back into the business world as partner in DAVTEC Marine and with the experiences garnered over the last 28 years he hopes to provide second to none quality, technical support, best competitive pricing and creative solutions to the marine and technology sectors. As the grandson of a Newfoundland lighthouse keeper who progressed into a Marine Wharf Superintendent with the Canadian Coast Guard, you could say that this business is in the genes for John and he is anxious for the tradition to continue!

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